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Gelster v. Burns

The family court dismissed the mother’s petition to modify the custody arrangements and granted sole custody to the father. We represented the father in protecting his children from a tenuous joint custody arrangement and the Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the family court in granting him sole custody.

Matter Of Amiracle R.

The verdict at trial was that the children were neglected and should be placed under the supervision of the Erie County Department of Social Services. On appeal, we represented the interests of the children so that they could receive the care they need. The Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the family court and placed them with social services.

Alexandra H. v. Raymond B.H.

The mother brought an action to family court seeking sole custody of the children. On appeal, the father argued that there was not a sufficient change in circumstances that should warrant a change in the custody arrangement of the children. Since the parents could not make a joint custody arrangement work, we supported the children’s need for greater stability. The Supreme Court agreed and affirmed the decision to grant sole custody to the mother.

Matter Of Yeshua G.

The family court determined that the father had mental health issues that prevented him from being able to care for his child. We represented his child’s best interest in helping the court uphold the decision to terminate the father’s parental rights due to his mental illness.

Cowell v. Pembrock

In family court, the mother sought to modify the order that awarded custody to the father. We represented the best interest of the child, and on appeal, the Supreme Court agreed that the mother had not made a significant change in her circumstances and the father should continue to have custody.

Bogdan v. Bogdan

In family court, the petition for visitation was dismissed without an evidentiary hearing, determining that there was enough information to give an informed decision consistent with the child’s best interests. On appeal, we supported the interest of the child and the Supreme Court agreed that there was no need for an evidentiary hearing. The court affirmed that the visitation ordered was in the child’s best interests.

Burns v. Gelster

In family court, the father, Terry Burns, was granted sole custody. The mother appealed, and we represented the father in helping him maintain sole custody. The Supreme Court affirmed the family court decision and granted our client sole custody.

Danielle S. v. Larry R.S., Jr.

The family court directed the father to follow certain behavior conditions. The father appealed, and we represented the mother in presenting evidence that the children needed the additional protection of the original order. The Supreme Court agreed, and our client was able to help her children get the protection they needed.

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